Surprising Foods That Cause Teeth Damage

Bad oral hygiene and a lack of fluoride can lead to tooth damage. But do you know that late-night snacking and eating junk food can also cause you to get emergency dental care?

Here are some foods that cause teeth damage.

1- Dried Fruit
Dried fruits like raisins, dates, apricots, and figs are full of minerals and vitamins and are a healthy substitute for fresh fruit. However, dried fruit causes more damage to your teeth than you might realize. Dried fruit has a lot of natural sugar, which is as bad for your teeth as processed sugar.

Most dried fruits stick in the gums and teeth, making the fruit particles hard to remove. With the fruit particles stuck in your teeth, the bacteria will further erode your teeth.

2- Diet Soda
Drinking soda can lead to many tooth problems like tooth decay and sensitivity. Therefore, many people switch to diet soda to avoid oral issues. But even diet soda can lead to tooth damage!

Diet soda is highly acidic, containing phosphoric and citric acids. Although these acids are also present in regular soda, diet soda has more of thee acids to make up for the absence of sugar. Both phosphoric and citric acids attack the tooth enamel and erode it.

3- Cough Drops
Cough drops are an effective way to get rid of that scratch in your throat. But cough drops aren’t beneficial to your teeth. Cough drops contain as much sugar as hard candy. Since they dissolve slowly, they cover the whole mouth with sugar, which combines with mouth bacteria to cause enamel erosion and tooth decay.

4- White Wine
Everyone knows that red wine can stain and etch teeth. Over time, regular red wine drinkers can end up with brown, blue, or even purple teeth. But do you know that switching to other wines like white wine isn’t an effective solution?

White wine also contains acids that attack the protective layer around the teeth and dissolve it. It can lead to tooth decay and teeth that are easily stained from tea, coffee, or other acidic beverages.

However, you don’t have to completely cut off these things from your diet for healthy teeth. You can still consume them in small amounts if you take care of your oral hygiene and get regular checkups from a dentist. At Dr. Below, our team offers all kinds of emergency dental services in Westlake, Ohio.

Book an appointment for our dental care services, and keep your teeth healthy!

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