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Time is of the Essence When Seeking Help for a Dental Emergency  

Do you have a toothache keeping you up at night? Do you wince in pain every time you drink or eat something hot or cold? Did you recently knock out part of a tooth playing baseball on a Saturday? Each of these are typical examples of a dental emergency in Westlake, OH that requires prompt attention.

Why Receiving Immediate Help for Your Dental Issue is So Important

Even if you feel uncertain that what you’re dealing with is a true dental emergency, we urge you to err on the side of caution and have the situation evaluated as soon as possible. Some dental traumas cannot begin to start getting better until after we identify and treat the source of the discomfort.

How to Handle Certain Types of Dental Emergencies

Knocking out a tooth or a portion of a tooth is more common than you might think. Should this happen to you or your child, grab the tooth by its root, not the crown, if possible. Run the tooth under some warm water and place it in a plastic bag. The team at Walter R. Below, D.M.D., may be able to reattach it. If you can locate the entire tooth, attempt to hold it in place in its socket until you reach our dental practice.

For a severe toothache, we recommend that you take a non-prescription pain reliever and avoid any food or drink that may aggravate your symptoms. For example, don’t eat ice cream or drink coffee if the temperature of these foods bothers you.

If you’re in a car accident or experience another type of sudden blunt force trauma to your face, you should go to the nearest emergency room rather than the dentist. However, Dr. Below is available to work with you regarding oral surgery and potential facial reconstruction after you receive emergency care in Westlake, OH.


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