Are Dental Implants Only For Older People?

Dental implants were invented to help restore the health and appearance of your mouth when permanent teeth are lost. For many years now, your dentist in Westlake, OH, has been offering to adult dental patients. But dental implants aren’t only for a certain age. Whether or not a person is a good candidate for dental implants has more to do with their need than how old they are.

When Dental Implants May Not Work

There are certain situations where dental implants may not provide the best solution. For example, dental implants aren’t for children. This is because the jaw of a child isn’t yet fully grown or fully developed. The implant may be displaced, negatively impact the development, or cause other complications. Each case is unique, but generally, a person shouldn’t get dental implants until they are in late adolescence.

Situations When Dental Implants Are Ideal For Young Adults

People aged 50 and older are the most likely to need dental implants. But there are situations when young adults need them, as well:

A permanent tooth is knocked out. Young adults are more prone to sports injuries, such as having a permanent tooth knocked out. While the tooth might be saved, it’s not always possible. Instead of having to deal with a huge gap in the teeth or a partial denture, a dental implant could be a very viable solution.

A disease causes tooth loss. There are certain diseases that cause systemic problems where the natural permanent teeth may become loose and fall out. While rare, it does happen, even to young adults.

If you’re on the younger side of life but are an adult, there may be no reason why you can’t at least consider dental implants in Westlake, OH. Talk to your dentist today to learn more.

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