Orthodontics is a special field of dentistry that’s focused on aligning a person’s bite or straightening their teeth. The way that your teeth come together can significantly impact your oral health. Improving your bite can reduce the risk of developing a wide variety of oral health issues, such as gum disease, cavities, and erosion.

Here’s how a cosmetic dentist who specializes in orthodontics can help you out:

Common orthodontics treatments.

There are different types of orthodontics treatments available depending on your needs and finances. Some of these include:

Metal braces

Traditional metal braces are an extremely common type of orthodontic treatment. Your dentist or orthodontist will use wire to connect a row of brackets attached to your teeth. These brackets put pressure on the teeth to move them into a better position over time.

The wires and brackets will also be adjusted over time, eventually incorporating orthodontic elastics. These elastics are hooked onto the metal brackets to improve jaw alignment. The overall time needed for this treatment varies from person to person.


Invisalign is an alternative orthodontic treatment that has become rather popular due to its short treatment time, flexibility, and lack of noticeability. Adults who didn’t get traditional braces as children can also get Invisalign later on in life.

It’s a great option for anyone with problems in their teeth alignment, without any major issues regarding their bite. This form of treatment involves discreetly moving the teeth without making any massive alterations in their alignment and location.


After your metal braces are removed, you’ll have to wear a retainer for some time. Retainers will help you maintain the alignment of your teeth so that they don’t shift back to their original position. Depending on your needs and lifestyle, you can wear a fixed metal retainer or a removable retainer.

When do you need orthodontic treatment?

Many people have crooked or crowded teeth. Orthodontic treatment will help straighten your teeth out and improve the appearance of your smile. It’s also much easier to clean your teeth when they aren’t crowded together! Almost anyone can benefit from orthodontics, but some people require treatment more than others.

A girl inserting Invisalign

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